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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 11, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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how stupid are you? thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. greta takes it away. >> greta: this is a fox news alert: former president bill clinton right now in the hospital in new york. a few hours ago the president went to the hospital with chest discomfort. eric is live at columbia presbyterian hospital with the latest. >> reporter: he's doing fine. former president bill clinton up awake, talking, walking in his hospital room at new york columbia presbyterian hospital. he underwent that heart scare the procedure this afternoon. doctors inserted two metal stents into one of his coronary arteries. one of the arteries from the bypass in that in 2006 when he
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quadruple surgery. his wife arrived here to be at his bedside she flying in from washington. chelsea already here she works and lives here in manhattan. this started a few days ago after the president returned from haiti friday, six days ago. he suffered some chest discomfort the doctor said it wasn't pains but discomfort when he was lying down and being still decided to check it out went to the cardiologist and they brought him here. ekg clear, blood test normal, no heart attack they found one of those coronary graphs was completely blocked. back in 2004 he did have that quadruple bypass surgery back then his cholesterol was through the roof 233, bad cholesterol in the 1 70s. at that time the four arteries were completely blocked. we remember in the -- how he would go jogging to mcdonalds.
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doctors say he's in excellent shape many he's been a spokesman for heart health. speak with president obama, former president george w. bush, did speak to chelsea. doctors say he should be leased by tomorrow. he should be back to work on haiti issues and other things by monday. >> greta: eric, thank you. president clinton already as eric said had quadruple bypass surgery today he got two stents placed in one of his coronary artery. what does that mean? good evening doctor. i assume this occurred this accumulation, blockage, since he had the bypass surgery. is that unusual? >> actually it is not that unusual greta. basically we foe that about 50% of all these vein graphs which is one of the bypass graphs that the former president had, will close down within 10 years. it has been five years now.
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so it is not that unusual that one did close down. >> greta: within the next five years or 10 years should he expect to go through this again? >> he may. it is tough to predict. i'm not sure how many bypasses overall he. he had a quadruple bypass. probably has at least another two vein s that may close over the next five years. each stent has its own risk of closing down over the next year, five years or so. it's possible. but it is tough to break down on an individual basis. >> greta: the doctor says has a clean bill of health now probably discharged tomorrow. he apparently noticed discomfort as recently as last friday was he in danger? >> again, coronary disease is very unpredictable. some people literally drop dead. obviously, he had some symptom
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that he knew about because he had the bypass before. gotten worse over the last five, six days to the point where as his cardiologist mentioned today he started getting chest discomfort at rest. when you get symptoms at rest it is a harbinger of something bad, a possible heart attack in the near future. it is very smart of him to get this test done as soon as possible. >> greta: is there a way to describe for viewers who might be concerned, discomfort from pain? >> yes. basically when we think about pain, you think of sort of a sharp pain classically with heart disease it is not a sharp pain more of a pressure like sensation under your breast bone. the textbook symptom is like an elephant sitting on your chest. he seemed to have had that classic sign of a blockable in his coronary artery.
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>> greta: doctor is it the sort of thing you know it if you have it? i imagine people are thinking i have some of that discomfort or that pressure. is this a really distinctive feeling he had? >> yes, we all have chest pains, they last a few seconds, they come and go. but when you have a blocked artery that causes really a lack of oxygen to your heart, which hurts, you will know it, because it is different from anything you usually have. usually it is more consistent. you get it at a sort of a consistent exertional level. if it starts getting worse clearly you are probably going to be in a little more trouble than those who actually just have sort of the same symptoms with a similar amount of exercise. so, it is something that's different from what is deemed usual for most people. >> greta: doctor, thank you very much. we'll buy you latest on
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president clinton as we get it into fox. president obama said this over and over again. >> the president: under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase, not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes. if you make less than $250,000 a year your taxes will not increase one single dime, not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains tax. not your payroll taxes not your income taxes not your capital gains taxes, nothing! >> greta: guess what? now the president says he's agnostic about raising taxes on families making less than $250,000. how about you? are you going to get a tax hike? could the president survive politically after all the props he made to the country? former white house -- promises
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he made to the country? former white house press secretary dana perino. it seems the president is softening on the concept on whether or not to raise taxes. politically deadly? >> i think so. looking at that compilation of clips is interesting. this comment that he is agnostic either means that he doesn't know or it sounds like he doesn't care. if you go back to the campaign trail is only 14 months ago he was using the same phrases over and over again. all of a sudden he's agnostic. i think this could be one of the biggest flip-flops since the 2004 election. >> greta: he didn't say yes there's going to be an increase in taxes he didn't say no he says agnostic. is he floating a trial balloon to see how people are going to respond? sort of the light approach to test the waters? >> you wonder if it was a chance to let's see how people react. i've heard some say maybe it
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was a sign to the right to tell them he won't stand in their way if they want to do tax cuts. i kind of find that hard to believe. last week when you reported on the budget released it had hundreds of millions of dollars of tax increases on it for americans of all shapes and sizes. one of the things interesting politically from a communications standpoint it is difficult to have it both ways. you can't be claiming credit for cutting taxes for 95% of the american people at the same time being agnostic or allowing for tax increases like the health care bill would have been although i don't that i is going to pass. you talk about the cap and trade bill on this program. it is important, because while it might be an issue that needs to be debated we to be realistic about the cost that would include tax increases for the american people as well. >> greta: last summer two of his top economic advisers summer and geithner suggested the administration may have to reconsider the contempt of taxes.
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with that robert gibbs came out and said the president stood by his campaign promise even after his top advisers said that, but stood by the campaign promise, no new taxes. gibbs freelancing or getting direction from the president? to what extent has this become a huge political discussion, do you think, at the white house? >> it is very hard to say. i that i is one of the reasons the american people are so hesitant about being confident in the me. especially those that try to create -- in the economy. especially those that try to treat jobs interest their businesses. one of the biggest concerns in the down turn of economy, people aren't certain about what is going to happen. as a former press secretary i can imagine having her the president use the word agnostic if it was planned that is one thing, trial balloon they will have to deal with the consequences. if it was something he said off-the-cuff and it becomes this big story. now they have to deal with the
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after affects. >> greta: suppose it is an off-the-cuff remark, wasn't a trial balloon. now what is the damage control? because he made it plain this was one of his campaign promises. >> i have no idea how they fix it. thankfully, that's not my job anywhere more. i think this is a bigger deal than they this it comes at a tough time. losing in massachusetts, health care bill falling apart. climate change isn't going anywhere and major losses in the 2010 election. good year to be a republican and a tough year to be a president not sure how -- what direction he wants to take the country in. >> greta: dana, thank you. next, if the president does break his tax pledge what happens to you? steve moore is next. guess who has governor palin on the brain? vice president biden and first lady michelle obama. we have the tape to prove it, coming up. vernon, texas
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with reward points worth 25% more when redeemed for air travel. make your mark with ink. go to chase what matters. you make less than $250,000 a year? if do you listen closely. president obama now says he's agnostic about raising taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year. could you end up getting a tax hike? one the president promised you would not get. steve moore joins us. what do you any? >> you better believe it means peoples' taxes are going up. the president said clearly
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during the campaign over and over again his most memorable promise that the people who earned less than $250,000 would not pay a dime of new taxes. now i think the white house and liberal democrats have come to the conclusion there's no way they can possibly come close to balancing the budget without going after the middle class. for better or worse, i think for better this is a country where most of the money is in the pockets of the middle class. we are a middle class country. if you want to raise a lot of money to pay for these new programs, obama care and the bailouts and the stimulus plans you have to get the money from the upper krufts. it is one point we've -- upper crust. if you took 100% of the income from the top 2% people who make over $250,000 that would only fund the government for a couple of months. if you want to make a major dent you have to go after the middle class. >> greta: conservative
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economists and liberal economists have consistently both side the way you handle it is raising taxes and cutting spending. >> i don't say that i think actually if you -- my own opinion, if you start talking raising taxes that takes all the pressure off cutting spending. [ talking over each other ] >> the last time we balanced the bunt was in the late 90s we did that not through tax increases when you had spending control and mick growth. those are the two thing -- and economic growth. those are the two things. if you raise taxes you are going to make the budget deficit worse. >> greta: i have to be practical. the way to pay for this one of the ways is we got to get more money and cut our spending. not a particularly novel idea. what i was trying to get to. the president says he's
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agnostic meaning he lacks conviction either way. during the campaign he was certain. >> he wasn't agnostic during the campaign. >> greta: almost akin to lack of conviction now. unless he's floating a trial balloon out. i understand that in the illinois state senate he would vote present. which program are you on? voting present is lack of conviction. saying you are agnostic suggests a lack of conviction without more. i would like to hear the president explain more and find out whether it was a slip of the tongue or not? >> he said it repeatedly during the campaign and he was challenged on it. how are you going to reduce the deficit -- >> greta: it is clear what he said during the campaign. what i don't know is he really saying he's agnostic? if he did he's got deep trouble. >> remember george bush senior lost his reelection bid against clinton because he broke his no new tax --
10:17 pm
>> greta: it also shows naivete if he's saying he's agnostic. i would like to have him explain. >> i think the american people want honesty and transparency from their politicians and they want them to have integrity. i don't think a president says 15 times during a campaign you never have to pay new taxes and 15 in -- and 15 months in, oh by the way i'm going to raise taxes problem. he's going to say we need to do this to reduce the budget that he created. >> greta: i think you missed my point. steve and you are not on the same page. >> no new taxes. >> greta: any way, good night. >> good night. >> greta: congressman van holland says don't blame me. don't blame him about what? big news out of aruba involving the disappearance of
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. this is a knox news alert. congressman patrick kennedy will not seek reelection. fox news con films the eight term democratic congressman from rhode island has decided not to run for a ninth term. the son of the late senator
10:21 pm
ted kennedy. stay with fox news on this breaking political news. democratic congressman chris van holland says don't blame me. what is he talking about? find out in a minute. he went on the record about the future of the health care bill. president obama said he's not going to depart from the existing two bills in the house and senate. the republicans say that is a nonstarter. how do we get traction and get a real discussion and dialogue going? the two sides seem to be at odds. >> i think we have to agree on the objectives that we've got. what the president has said his objective is to make sure we bring down premiums that we deal with the health care in a way that reduces the deficit and cover many people who are not covered today. at the end of the day they are costing all of us more in the system. because they are going to the hospital emergency rooms for their first line of preventive care as opposed to getting health care through the primary care doctors as most
10:22 pm
people do. if we can agree on the objectives, then we should be able to move forward. the bills that we passed in the house and senate meet the objectives set out by the the president. also, i must say the objectives that some of our colleagues on the republican side said they want to meet as well. >> greta: that is not the way the republicans feel they say you can't get that bill passed. the white house, congress and filibuster proof senate couldn't get it passed. the polls are going down is it smart to draw a line in the sand and say that's where we start? >> most of the american people like the components in the house and senate bill. what happened in the negotiations that went back and forth and then the special deal they put in the senate for the nebraska deal which even senator nelson says he doesn't want now, people got understandably upset about some of the provisions in the bill. the deal-making. i think if we can take a step back and focus on the major
10:23 pm
come -- components which the public does like then we can begin to move forward. i think the votes would be there in the senate. clearly the president expressed an interest in getting republicans onboard. he also has said the main thing we need is to get health care reform done in a way that serves the interests of the american people. bringing down costs. >> greta: you mentioned the deal senator nelson had. of course i'm not saying you are part of it, you in the house what did you think when that went down? when you heard about the carve out the special deal for nebraska? did you know that uh-oh now we got trouble? >> none of us thought it was a good idea. senator nelson says it was not his idea and he wrote to the president saying he doesn't want to take that approach. that's the kind of thing that raises questions in the mind of the public understandably so. you shouldn't have special deals that benefit one state to the exclusion of others. i think that has created part of the problem with the
10:24 pm
perception of the bill. which which is why it is important to get back to what we are trying to accomplish. reduce premiums, bring down the deficit, try and expand courtroom in a way that prevents all of us -- coverage in a way that all of us from picking up the tab for people that don't have it today. >> greta: hard to understand these are great bills or not there's a lot of mystery huge, president meeting last summer behind closed doors with the drug industry, special deal to end for nelson, special deal for labor union. this will be televised. will you urge the president to explain the deal, why the drug industry got the special deal? explain why unions get a special deal? >> i think the president said he's committed to transparency in this process. >> greta: now! >> to be fair this has been one of the most open and transparent processes. get in the house. and in the senate. and cnn span has always been
10:25 pm
part of your televising in the house and senate. the problem is some of the deals, some of the important deals weren't transparent. >> deals that were supposedly cut by the white house were not followed by the house. we went about putting to the a bill that we thought met the needs of the american people when it came to health care. whatever deals pave been made earlier in the process, in the house, we started if from scratch. >> greta: don't blame you guys. >> well, in the house we started from scratch we had committee hearings, they were all on c-span. some amendments the republicans offered pass, some failed. so it went through the normal process. i think it is a good idea to have everybody together at the white house to have that kind of exchange of ideas that the president had in baltimore. >> greta: i'm not blaming the house for what happens in the senate or at the white house in terms of transparency. >> i hear you. i appreciate that >> greta: i'm not blaming you
10:26 pm
for that public option, gone? >> well, in the house we really wanted to have a public option. i think it is clear it wasn't gonna fly in the senate. so unfortunately, that is not likely to be part of the package. >> greta: in terms of the ultimate bill -- let me ask about the february 25th, meeting. what are the odds something is going to come out to be something we can agree on? >> there's hope that will move that process forward. obviously we don't know until everybody gets in the room together and says here's the way we want to move forward. what ideas are acceptable and what are not acceptable. the president has made it clear he thinks the house and senate bills are good starting point with the exception of taking out some of these provisions like the special nebraska deal which he said doesn't belong in the bills ear. if we can take out those provisions that have created
10:27 pm
the greatest concern and work with our republican colleagues to try and include some of the provisions that they want then we in a good place. i should point out, a lot of republican amendments were included in the senate bill. a number in the house bill. a lot of concepts they proposed are already embedded in these bills. >> greta: video of the -- next, video the iranian government does not want you to see. it is violent and puts you on the streets of tehran. vice president biden and first lady bottle talking about governor palin and it is caught on tape. what happened? we going to show you. anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app...
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>> greta: ahmadinejad says iran has enriched uranium to 20%. if true what does that mean? is this enough for a nuclear weapon and if not how close are they? if they are at 20% if they have again from 5% to 20% is it more difficult to go from 20 to 90 do they have the technical know how? >> it is not a great deal more difficult. they have the technical know how to go from 20% to 90% if they those to do so. >> greta: what is stopping them? other than the international influence, is there anything else stopping them? >> it doesn't appear there's a technical barrier between
10:31 pm
where they are now and capability to get to weapons grade uranium. >> greta: at 20% could they put together a crude nuclear weapon assuming they had a delivery system which is another issue? >> no, 20% is the cut-off the atomic energy uses to define enriched, less than 20%, iranian researcher operates at 19 and 3/4% is regarded as for civil purposes. >> greta: at 20% they get power, is that right? >> yes, it would be -- research reactor would produce medical isotopes. >> greta: do they need 20% for anything else? for power or can they have something less? >> no, power reactors operate typically less than 5%.
10:32 pm
>> greta: they say it is more medical purposes it is -- the next step is 90, right? >> it another step that iran has taken that has placed them closer to a weapons capability. a step in a long line of steps everyone it is perhaps more politically significant than technically significant. they've chosen not to avail themselves of an opportunity that the iaea offered to refuel their reactor using international sources. >> greta: why did they need that? what was the attraction to the offer to send it out to be enriched elsewhere? >> fuel for this reactor is quite specialized. iran probably doesn't now have the capability to manufacturer to fabricate the fuel out of uranium they will have enriched. that can be done now by france. and the offer that the iaea made was for iran to swap some
10:33 pm
of their low enriched uranium for fuel that would be fabricated by france. and the deal was also to involve rush she which would enrich from it the 3 1/2% to the 19 and 3/4%. >> greta: ifer in at 20% now that's what they say they can get to 90 easily, any thought on timetable to get to 90? >> well the timetable to get to 90 for a small amount is relatively short. the important consideration is how much of the 20% do they make? the only -- they only need 10 to 20 kill grabs per year for the reactor. -- kilograms per year for the reactor. if they have a small amount of fuel for the reactor that is probably not significant. if they amass a great reserve this 20% material it could be significant because it would foretell an inattention on their part to break out of the treaty.
10:34 pm
>> greta: what would be the amount you would put in reserve that would alarm you? >> i would say greater than say manufacturing refuel for the reactor of say 10 kilograms and perhaps another 10 kill grabs anything above that would be a sear -- 10 kill grabs anything above that would be a serious incater. they've chosen not to avail them services of this international offer which would have allowed a way out of this conundrum. >> greta: certainly a line drawn in the sand. thank you. >> . ahmadinejad announced iraq is a nuclear state made to a giant pro government crowd in tehran marking the 31st anniversary of the islamic revolution. you are looking at pictures the government wants you to see people supporting the government. what the government does not want you to see is video like this of anti-government protesters clashing with police. as always the hard-line
10:35 pm
iranian regime cracking down trying to control all information out of their country. joining me on the phone lawrence eagleburger. what are your thoughts is it significant or not? are there enough people out there that could make a difference? >> i think there are enough people to make a different the issue will be how hard the government cracks down? under any circumstances it seems there's enough there that at least the government has to be a little nervous about the unpinning. i think it has to give them if nothing else at least give them pause. the issue is not on the nuclear stuff it is on living conditions in iran and so forth. the question is going to be how much these people are willing to go into the streets to make those changes? >> greta: you talk about living conditions, that raises the issue of sanctions if we
10:36 pm
were to crank up sanctions so the living conditions got worse. does that turn the protesters against us or does that turn the protesters more against the government for provoking the sanctions? >> when you have an answer to that, would you let me know. the answer as far as i can tell, it cuts both ways. i think, probably more than anything else it would weaken the regime more. but, there's no question that the regime would be arguing the reason for the conditions was because of the sanctions. beyond which i'm not sure how much -- how many more -- how much more we are going to be able to impose, given the strength of our wonderful allies and friends and their unwillingness to get much tougher. beyond that the fact that the chinese have made it clear they are not prepared to play in that game.
10:37 pm
so i'm not sure how much tougher we can get. >> greta: you mentioned the chinese sort of the weak link in that they've been unwilling to, thus far to get onboard about the sanctions. also distressed at the united states over arm sales to taiwan. we are in a little bind in trying to get them to get onboard with iran, are we not? >> i think it would be very unlikely we can get the chinese onboard. although this business of sale of arms to taiwan is nonsense in the sense that they have been griping about that for at least a decade and they've knocked it off until recently. i think there's no question there is a definite deterioration in ourbar-ñcc res with china. here again it is for reasons other than arms sales to taiwan. >> greta: why are they using that even secretary gates told us that over the weekend this arms sale is a nothing thing
10:38 pm
but the chinese keep raising this and saying this is one of the reasons they are mad at us right now. >> they haven't been raising it for a while now they are raising again. they are raising it obviously, because their relationship with us has deteriorateed. but i do not think it is it self one of the reasons for the deterioration. but it is there for them to drag out of the garbage can again and use against us. but it is not the reason -- one of the many reasons for their difficulties with us right now, awful lot going on in the way of trade relations, problems there. and also, let's face it, i think the chinese tack a look at how much money we owe 'em and that has made them a little nervous too because they are not sure whether it will get repaid in time. so i think there's some real problems with the chinese, but i don't think it is because of the arms sales. >> greta: senator eagleburger,
10:39 pm
thank you. >> my pleasure. >> greta: republican senator von in told us that president obama's top counter terrorism adviser should be fired. today the white house fired back. senator bond last night. >> had a couple of concerns about him, john brennan should have been setting up an interrogation process last year when the president back in january said the cia can no longer interrogate. he didn't do it. instead he has come out as a political spokesman for the white house. he on national television and said, i and other congressional leaders, about eight of us who had been briefed obviously knew that abdulmutallab was going to be mirandized that is not true. but what my real beef is with the administration that seems to be going back to a pre9/11 mentality, where they treat terrorists as ordinary criminals that was deadly in the past and i'm afraid it
10:40 pm
will be again. >> greta: white house press secretary robert gibbs shooting back. >> john brennan has been working on counter terrorism more than 25 years. first cia, hired by president george w. bush, to work at the cia and stand up the national counter terrorism center. we asked him to stay on. i don't have the slightest idea what political party john brennan is a member of. i've never had a political conversation with john. i know this, john is there each and everyday, working in his office to try to do everything he can to keep the american people safe. and i would suggest it is to senator bond or others on capitol hill these are decisions best left to keep -- to people that have an understanding in counter terrorism, experience in counter terrorism and law enforcement rather than politicians on capitol hill.
10:41 pm
i don't think bond like to hear what he knew. which was he had been told that abdulmutallab was in fbi custody, after what happened on christmas day. now, i'll let you jonathan ask it can bond whether he understands the protocols of how the fbi deals with suspects enough to understand that at that point it would have been obvious he would have been read his miranda rights. i don't know whether it can bond was confused or he just doesn't want to admit the facts. >> greta: we suspect this is not going away. next, you go to aruba, news in the case of the missing teenager natalee holloway. >> are governor palin's earringing? we'll show -- ears ringing. i have asthma.
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(announcer) if younot afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. next news from aruba involving the natalee holiday way case. first lauren green. more on former president bill clinton undergoing heart surgery late today. his doctors say he's up and around and his prognosis is excellent. mr. clinton who is 63-years-old undergoing a procedure where two stents were inserted to open a clogged artery. he headed to a new york city hospital after experiencing chest discomfort. he had heart bypass surge fully 2004. he will be able to leave the
10:46 pm
hospital tomorrow. secretary of state hillary clinton arrived at new york's columbia presbyterian hospital earlier this evening to be with her husband. their daughter is also there. mr. clinton has been to haiti twice since last month's earthquake. a spokesperson says he will continue to help with recovery efforts there. i'm lauren green. now back to "on the record." >> greta: there's news tonight on aruba involving the natalee holloway case. the alabama teenager finished in 2005 while on a high school trip. the chief suspect in the yvs. yesterday his father paulis van der sloot suddenly and unexpected die. joining us julia tell us what happened with paulis? >> it was very shocking for the van der sloot family and
10:47 pm
the entire community of aruba. paul was playing tennis yesterday and he collapsed and the ambulance was unfortunately unable to resuscitate him. >> greta:s what has been going on for the family? is everything back to normal? is the family shunned? what has been the relationship of the van der sloots on the island? >> you have to understand that the island of an rue bark the people of aruba we respect the judicial system here. to this very date, there have been no charges in this case. paul has been completely exonerated. he according to the authorities has no participation in the event at all. sorry to say that, but in this case. it has just been devastating for everybody. >> greta: where is
10:48 pm
joran van der sloot? >> according to my sources he's in school and he's very devastated by what has happened. >> greta: school outside of aruba? >> yes, of course. >> greta: is the investigation officially closed or are they still investigating? >> new york the investigation is still open. they've continue to look in every aspect in every direction including into investigating the investigation. to date, joran is still a main suspect at this point there have been no charges brought forth. >> greta: where are the kalpoe brothers are they still in aruba? >> they are still in aruba. >> greta: do you see them? >> not often. they've been also exonerated. they are no longer suspects.
10:49 pm
they were released in december 2007. >> greta: does the prosecutor say that he expects some day this case will be solved? >> absolutely, everybody in aruba hopes that. of course the prosecutor's office wants the case involved. but in this -- case solved. but in this particular moment they've researched every single thing they could possibly do and at this point there is not enough evidence to bring this to trial. >> greta: julia, thank you, nice to talk to you. >> thank you. >> greta: next the best of the rest. governor palin must be popular even vice president biden, first lady michelle obama, talking about her. you will see what we mean that is coming up next. plus something special about one of our colleagues. you want to stick around for that in the last part of our
10:50 pm
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>> greta: here the best of the rest. admit, -- admit it, you want to know what vice president biden thinks about sarah palin. listen. governor palin appeals to a group of people who are genuinely frustrated feel disinfranchised, are very conservative, not all of them. tea party people but beyond that she has appeal beyond that as well. but i don't know that it represents a approaching a significant portion of the
10:54 pm
population. >> greta: what does first lady michelle obama think about the former alaskan governor? she is keeping most of her thoughts to herself. >> i don't have a read. i try not to make or set opinions about people that i haven't had any substantive interaction with. i know what you see on tv. >> does it irk you when she criticizes -- >> democracy is about critique. and the president is not immune to criticism. i think he's doing a phenomenal job. i think it is wonderful to have strong female voices out there. but i don't know her. >> greta: finally this guy really does not like wal-mart. police in georgia arrested a 23-year-old for going into wal-mart grabbing a bat from the sporting goods section and smashing 29 flat screen tvs. the man did $22,000 worth of
10:55 pm
damage. no word what set the guy off. there you have it. >> still ahead one of our colleagues here, tough, very tough. don't believe us? we have video that proves it, you're gonna see it. new york cy
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
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our colleague, jennifer griffin is tough, very tough. she went on the today show to talk about her battle with triple negative breast cancer. >> only named about six, seven
10:59 pm
years ago. it's a new december nation. think people don't realize 10% of the breast cancers are this triple negative. and the fact that there isn't a treatment. we need funding and research into what is going to prevent recurrence. >> is it hard to come on. i know you tell other stories. was it hard to tell your own story? >> it's harder just watching myself going through this, it's an out of body exkbreerns. but i think it's so important for women to know i'm having my 14th chemo treatment tomorrow. i want to tell people that if you're diagnosed with triple negative, you can get through this. it does respond to chemotherapy. >> and now, she's got a personal war. we want her back, very soon. thanks for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. and check out gretawire. make sure you follow us on twitter. you can sign up to get tweets. slash


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